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S.C.K. CANVAS CO., LTD. บริษัท เอส.ซี.เค. ผ้าใบ จำกัด ตอบสนองทุกความต้องการของลูกค้า

S.C.K. Goal is an excellent Intentionality for excellent Development.

S.C.K. Canvas Co., Ltd was established about 40 years ago. Our company give a service of design , selling , settlement and rental for all sizes of Warehouse Tents and other canvas tents. Moreover, we have several canvas alternatives to be suitable for your business and all kinds that may concern.

S.C.K. is full of more experiences and more skills about Warehouse Tents Manufacturer, that we can produce Warehouse Tent more than 30 meters of the width and more than 100 meters of the length. Our Tent structures last up to 10 years. With the professinal working procedure, we extremely received a trust from Industrial clients, Factory, Retail shops and all over the country. We focus on task development to satisfy client' s requirement all the time.

We mainly keep to an honesty and a frankness to our clients. We are confident that S.C.K. Canvas Co., Ltd. can be an outstanding response for your business.




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